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Works very well!

I used it almost every night before bed and after a few weeks, I definitely saw improvement! My lashes and brows were longer and thicker, my patchy areas filled in nicely; one of my friends even commented that my lashes were the first thing she noticed haha! One issue is my most recent order (including this lash serum) hasn't arrived yet and it's been over a month :( Orders arriving late are out of the ordinary for Lashes though! My past orders have all arrived on time! :)

Literally Too good!

First things first this product sells AMAZING and it’s soooooo moisturizing and the texture is perfect so a little goes a long way!

review !!

Hey Lashes! The course was very structured and the kit was thorough 🤌 Thx for putting so much thought into every detail to help your students succeed. Couldn’t have possibly found a better lash mom. I hope I can make U proud!♥️♥️♥️


Thank You “Lashes” for the opportunity to explore this lash technician journey. You assist me in understanding the process of the business and allowing me to build self confident during in class training. Whenever I showed lack of confident you encourage me immediately with positives words. You showed patience and interest in your students and were open to answer as many questions. I’m grateful for your tips and advice. I would definitely recommend Lashes to anyone looking to become a lash technician. Thank you for the start up kit and the amazing new business loading gift!

Lashes was born to educate

Coming from a small island in the Caribbean I was really nervous about attempting to start business in a new country. Lasheda was so accommodating and made me feel so comfortable and confident in myself. From when I first reached out via DM I could sense how passionate she was about her business and how invested she was in my success! I would take this course 1000 times over and recommend to anyone looking to start a lash business. If you’re looking for a mentor Lashes is your girl! I will be back to take her brow course!

Small Group Training
Brittany Cave

Lasheda's training is a wonderful experience. She welcomes you to ask as many questions as you need, to get a thorough understanding of the business and application processes. A good balance of Theory and Practical allowed me to build my confidence immediately and start with the hands on process. Lashes was right there to help and assist through every step of the way, I felt with Lasheda's encouragement, patience and feedback I was comfortable to take on my live model and begin the journey of a lash technician. Also one of the most generous welcome kits I've seen to date; all you need to get home and start up after you complete the course. I thoroughly enjoyed training with Lasheda and if your interested in getting started in the Lash business I certainly recommend Lasheda's Course.
Thank you so much for your ongoing coaching and support, it means the world!!!
- BC

Love the scent and texture

The scent of this makes me
So happy and i feel like I’m away on vacation somewhere tropical. The texture is AMAZING!!!! I highly recommend :)

Amazing course

Thank you so much for the amazing course and it went so well because of the efforts that you put in this for us. She was patient and went over everything I asked in order for me to understand better. It has been a month since the course and she’ve been there whenever I needed any advice! I recommended my friend to book a course with Lasheda because she’s amazing at what she does and I recommend anyone that is interested in being a lash tech to do so as well!

Mama Rose is IT!!!

I’m a happy mommy for this.
Rose oil nourishes and keeps my skin feeling soft and smooth. I initially started using it on my tummy and thighs.
I’ve now seen improvements to some of my dark spots.
This is a game changer. I would recommend it to expectant mommy’s, mommy’s getting your pre body back and for all ladies looking for a product to assist with skin elasticity.

Pretty pretty scrub!

Smells great and feels great. Definitely exfoliates the bikini area leaving me with smooth, soft skin. Love using it in between my shavings.

Even Me Out Soap Polish
Rukayah Ashamu
Completely in love

This soap polish is amazing! The formula is perfect, not to abrasive but still great for exfoliating the entire body. It has a very light sweet citrus smell and emulsifies into a silky soap that’s easy to rinse off. The turmeric was really great for evening my skin tone ANDDD I had no issues with staining in my tub at all! The formula is magic and It’s totally giving spa experience

10/10 product, and I’m super excited to give the other soap polishes a try :)


After using this scrub my skin felt soooo soft. It lathers really nicely, and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry after. It also smells amazing and I really appreciate the presentation of the product. It definitely looks like a coconut cream pie in a jar which is super cute and a nice touch lol.

Great scent and long lasting

I love this candle because it can last you forever. You only have to burn it for a short time for the aroma to fill up the room. 10 out of 10 would recommend

Love this product!!!

Gives the skin a nice bronzey glow making it perfect for the summer. Also smells so delicious, definitely a must have!

Amazing for hair growth & moisture!

I have been using instant relief for two years now. I don’t use any other hair oil. This oil has helped me grow back my edges within just a few weeks of use. I also use this product during my protective styles to keep my scalp moisturized and nourished. If you are looking for a product that stimulates hair growth, moisturizes and nourishes your scalp this is the product for you!

Best Body Scrub!

I absolutely love the coffee scrub! It leaves my skin feeling so soft, smooth and moisturized for long periods of time after every use. Highly recommended especially if you love the smell of fresh coffee!

Pretty Kitty Bikini Scrub
Tirzah Murillo ulloa

Pretty Kitty Yoni Scrub

Thank you

Thank you so much for the course it was amazing and helpful,I’m grateful for your effort, tips and advice that you gave me during the course. She was so patient with me made sure I understand everything she was teaching me. I’m excited to keep progressing and I’m definitely interested in doing other courses with you . I will highly recommend your course .

Thank you

Thank you so much for the course it was amazing and helpful, I’m grateful for your effort, tips and advice that you gave me during the course. She was so patient with me and made sure I understood everything she was teaching me. I’m excited to keep progressing and I’m definitely interested in doing other courses with you.
I will highly recommend your course!

I loved doing the lash training course. Very hands on and she is very helpful with w.e questions you have. As soon as you start she makes you feel comfortable. The course is very informative and you get enough practice till you feel comfortable and ready.

Perfect product

Of all the soap polishes this company has to offer the cookie dough soap polish is definitely my fave! The scent alone is amazing and longgggg lasting and it leaves my skin clean, smooth, and nourished. COOKIE DOUGH SOAP POLISH FOR THE WIN

Love Spell Soap Polish
Charmaine Wright
One of my favourites

Great product. The smell is awesome, it has the amount of lather and it makes my skin feel so smooth and luscious. Definite reorder.

Coconut Cream Body Soufflé

Amazing product! Second Time getting this for my wife. She’s in love. I can smell it on her all day.

Great lip scrub

leaves my lips feeling smooth!

Amazing Products and Even Better Service

Decided to try a small business to get a gift for my wife. I was not disappointed. The service was very convenient. The products had lovely texture and smell that last over a day. My wife is happy and so am I.